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Do i have a case for a lawsuit

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the hospital that did the surgery on mom released her to a rehab with a UTI that caused her to halusnate. then the rehab neglected her by putting her in a room without a call butten and when i ask for her to be seen by the ER becuase of the halusination they told me one thing and did another.when they did finally send her to the ER the rehab told my aunte with out my mothers permission that the ER told them that she was drunk becaus they found alcohal in her system. that same day i made them send her to another hospital nearby and they told me she had a UTI and might be the cause and seeing it all ended whem she was treated i beleive that was the problem. because of that my mother recovery has been slow because the new rehab was never given her file so they knew nothing about what happened

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It sounds to me like your mother has had a complicated medical course. When that happens it is important to look carefully at the records to see what really is going on. Frequently, there are things that happen that are not apparent. Drug-drug interactions are among those things to look carefully at. I mention that due to your mother's hallucinations. One of the big questions to be answered is "what permanent harm has come to her as a result of the misdeeds you describe?" This will need to be answered early on because investigating a case with a lot of medical records - such as when the patient is in rehab - can be very costly. You will most likely need to retain an attorney to see if something can be done legally. I encourage you to do that as soon as possible because there are time deadlines that apply to filing a lawsuit. You should also file a complaint with the hospital as well as the the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at

Good luck to you and your family.

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Each states laws regarding medical negligence is different. Howevever, most lawyers will not take a case unless there is significant permanent injuries. See my website for a discussion of some of the considerations lawyers consider before they take on a medical malpractice case. See If you still feel you need to followup on your mother's matter, see a lawyer who handles these matters in your area.

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