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Do I have a case against my former employer?

Scottsdale, AZ |

I live / work in Arizona for a company based in Illinois . I have worked for them for just over a year . I was injured on the job ( rear - ended at a toll booth while traveling on company business in a company paid rental car , going from one of the company's facilities in WI to another in IL ) . I have an open workers comp case with surgery approval pending to repair damage to my cervical 3 , 4 , 5 in my neck . I was recently released from my job , claiming performance issues . In 10 . / 12 , I was copied on an email from my boss boss to my boss : On Wednesday , October 24 , 2012 , John Marrow wrote : Tom , This is not helping any case we hope to make against Brian . If / when we come to pull the trigger he can use poor comma against us . It is absolutely critical we make time to close this out . "

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Hire a workers compensation lawyer as soon as you can. You need professional help with this.


If you dont have a work comp atty yet, hire one. This could be evidence of a violation of work comp laws and lead to penalties. It could also prove that they fired you for makig a comp claim or for your health issue which could violate state and federal disability rights and employment laws. Ask your comp atty for a referral to an employment law atty or find onre thru avvo .


I agree with my colleagues. Get a workers comp attorney involved asap.


Workers comp attorney should be retained.

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I am a worker's comp and employment lawyer in Arizona and would be interested in speaking with you about both cases. Sounds like you may have a wrongful discharge case in violation of Arizona statutory law.


There are multiple legal issues involved in your case ranging from worker's comp, employment law and personal injury. In order to fully evaluate your claims, you will need to discuss your case with an experienced attorney as many of the issues are intertwined. Also, because Arizona is a right to work state, there are additional challenges in pursuing a claim against your employer.

I am a partner of a small boutique law firm based in Scottsdale. I would be happy to discuss your case with you. Please contact me at (480) 444-9999 or

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