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i have been accused of two people on a social network that im going around giving people an std it is my EX and his current girlfriend i have all paper from my gyn stating that i am clear of all stds everything is personally directed towards and with my name from then threats have been made of her kicking in my front door i have went to the police and the DAs office and the only thing they can offer is a piece of paper i have proof i have taken pictures and i also have my full records from my gyn thats well known in my area theres a little more detail but i also never threatened them and have never talked in a negative way on a social network, text, or email

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Pamela Koslyn

Pamela Koslyn

Business Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

This is a goid example of people spending way too much time on Facebook and taking it way too seriously.

Even if you do have a case of defamation, this is not one you want to pursue. Think about what a defamation lawsuit would mean here. Do you actually want to sue your ex and the current gf and drag your gyn in and all the people on the social network who they're spreading this to into being witnesses to a lawsuit, assuming anyone even believes this lie about your std? Does your ex and his current gf even have money to satisfy a judgment if you got one? Have you got a lot of money and time to pay a lawyer and be involved in a lawsuit? Do you really want to repeat over and over in public litgation documents the very fact you wish had never been written?

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