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Do i have a case on slander or defamation of character or any kind of case at all...

Nevada, MO |

i was evicted for not paying my rent, OK i understand. The landlord then posted flyers on all the other tenant's doors saying if they helped me out in any way they too could and would be evicted. These flyers also stated my personal business stating how much I owed. I just recently gained employment and now he is garnishing 25% of my weekly check..

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  1. You need to hire a consumer lawyer yesterday because you most probably have had your consumer rights violated, possibly under both state AND Federal law. I handle these cases throughout Florida, but you need somebody in MO. Try looking at for attorneys in MO who are specially qualified to handle such cases with no out-of-pocket cost to you. Good luck!

    If you think my response is the best response, it would help me if you would indicate that. Also, please note that my responses to question(s) are NOT legal advice from me to you because I am NOT your lawyer, you are NOT my client, and we do NOT currently have an attorney-client relationship. Thanks!

  2. You have no claim. Defamation requires the disemination of a factually false statement about you to a third party, which causes you economic damages. Truth is a defense to a claim of defamation, no matter how unhappy you are about what is being said of you. Telling other tenants not to let you stay with them, as a threat, would affect the other tenants' rights if anyone's , not yours, and therefore you have no legal basis to sue the LL for doing that. Get the judgment paid off as soon as possible and put this chapter of your life behind you.

  3. You do not have a claim for defamation as the information divulged about you was true.

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  4. Not defamation, but you may have a different claim, so contact a local attorney to discuss in detail.

  5. If you are head of household then under Missouri law the landlord may only be entitled to 10% as opposed to 25% of your post-tax wages. Hire an attorney if you need help.

    Your facts sound weak regarding filing a lawsuit. In addition, if you couldn't afford to pay rent, how can you afford to hire an attorney? You might be better served spending your money on a negotiated and discounted settlement of the judgment against you.

    My comments are general in nature, are not legal advice as to your specific issue, and do not establish an attorney-client relationship. Disregard this solicitation if you have already engaged a lawyer in connection with the legal matter referred to in this solicitation. You may wish to consult your lawyer or another lawyer instead of me. The exact nature of your legal situation will depend on many facts not known to me at this time. You should understand that the advice and information in this solicitation is general and that your own situation may vary. This statement is required by rule of the Supreme Court of Missouri.

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