Do I get a Lawyer for my Husband?

Asked over 1 year ago - Las Vegas, NV

My husband was charged with 2 counts on Burglary 2 counts on Forgery & 2 counts on theft! This is his first offense. His bail is $60,000. I dont know if its better to get a Lawyer or just let him get represented with a public defender? Would it make a difference ?

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  1. Richard Edmund Hawkins


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    Answered . Yet another matter in which you should completely ignore out of state lawyers jumping in. They have *no* idea what the local environment.

    If you have any way of getting private counsel, you should. It is not that the public defenders aren't capable lawyers, but that their load is so heavy that they can't take the time a private attorney can.

    Either Mr. Goodman or my partner Thomas Boley would be capable of handling this.

  2. Ross Carl Goodman


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    Answered . There are plenty of good public defenders. However, a private lawyer will dedicate his time and resources to your husband's defense compared with a public defender who is responsbile for 100s of clients.

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  3. Katrina Louise Smith

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    Answered . It really wouldn't make a difference because court appointed attorneys are fully capable of advocating on their client's best interests. It is best that he go ahead and requests a court appointed attorney so that he will have counsel. If you decide to later retain counsel, the court appointed attorney can file a Motion to Withdraw. You don't want to be placed in a position where you husband waives his right to counsel and is unable to retain private counsel.

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