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Do i discuss my case with my defense attorney about my options to keep getting the conviction of retail fraud off my record.??

Jackson, MI |
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since i got my court appointed defense attorney should i contact him discuss my case an try whats best deal ways to stay out of jail.

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  1. You should absolutely consult with your attorney. No one here can know your case as well as your lawyer. Food luck with your case.

  2. If you have his contact information then yes contact him. Generally for public defender work you may not see your court appointed attorney until you have a hearing and it would be there your first chance to speak with him. However, here in Michigan most public defenders are private attorneys and have been put on a list for public defenders for individual courts. With that said, I would call him or her and ask if you can come into their office to in order to speak with your case. Hope that helps answer your question. Best of luck.

    Josh Jones
    Law Office of Josh Jones, PLLC
    Michigan Criminal and Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney

  3. If you have any questions or concerns about your case, you should discuss them in private with your lawyer. It is important that you make an informed decision concerning this case, because you alone will bear the consequences if you are convicted. The consequences could affect your freedom, your reputation, your finances, and your future. If you can afford to hire a lawyer, your should consider doing so.

  4. Your court appointed attorney is under the same ethical duty to represent you as a lawyer that you may hire for a fee. Most criminal defense lawyers do court appointed cases for many years or during there entire career. I discuss this in more detail in a blog which can be linked below.

  5. This is exactly what your attorney is there for. He is there to answer any questions you have about your case or the process. Just keep in mind that as a busy professional he may not always be able to get back with you right away. Give him at least 24 hours to answer phone calls or emails. In many jurisdictions you may qualify for a diversion program which would leep the matter off of your public record so that would be a good thing to discuss with your lawyer.

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