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Do I ask for Modification or ask my Rights to be Terminated I believe she has committed fraud to Dept. Of Revenue & Courts & Me

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In 2004 GF gave birth I signed BC and married her in 2005 she left for BF early 2006 I was ordered to pay 90 a week, she filed under maiden name (still Married), then in 2007 she took child out of state pregnant. by another BF no contact since. in Dec. 2007 Divorced next day she remarries pregnant by another BF. Gives Birth New husband raises my child as his child does not know me but I still pay OK in 2010 lost job 2011 ordered to court she does not show but ordered to pay, Found out she has changed the child's last name to new husband in another state 2010, I was not notified I want to give up my rights I have no contact with her or child and do not want any and don't know where they are? what to do? Do I ask For Modifacation Or Ask To Terminate my rights?

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Do you want to have a part of your childs life? Another question would be are you sure you are the biological father of the cfhild? I you are on the birth certificate you are presumed to be the father and you have parental rights and the right to see your child and also you will be responsible for child support (unless you termiante your parental rights). The other condcut is only relevant towards custody of the child.

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Thank You, I am on the birth certificate and I do not believe I am the father due to her conduct, was told to late to ask for DNA, the child now has the last name of her husband so wouldn't he be on the birth certificate now. I have the name change granted in Texas, no I did not sign anything as I have had nor do I want to have contact since 2007

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