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Do greyhound and other shuttle services check for warrants?

Las Vegas, NV |

Just a question. If I take greyhound shuttle or anything else and use my ID and I had a warrant of something of the sort will they know and/or deny me entry on the bus or report me?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. I changed the practice area from personal injury to warrants and criminal charges. You'll probably get a better response.

  2. Your question leaves out a lot of facts. Why would any kind of shuttle or bus service run a check on people getting on a bus. It seems a little silly to me. Perhaps I am missing something. If you are concerned address this to a criminal defense attorney in your area.

  3. Bus services have security people checking parcel shipments for drugs like UPS and Fed Ex do. I have experienced cases where local police have asked the local terminal to watch for a certain person traveling in or out. I am not aware of any systematic screening of all passengers for warrants and have not yet had a client arrested in that process when traveling by bus. I have had clients arrested when flying commercial.

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