Do grandparents have visitation rights in Missouri?

My ex visits our son often. His mother (who is a severe alcoholic and has a bad temper) is now demanding to see him. Our son is 6 months old and has never lived with her. She has seen him less than ten times in his entire life. She is now making my ex take me to court, so that he can receive visitation to take our son to HER. can she do this??

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Julie Danielle Hixson

Julie Danielle Hixson

Child Custody Lawyer - Saint Louis, MO

See my answer to your other post.

I will also add: if you can show that your ex is not the one interested in visitation with the child and that he's really only exercising visitation with the child to take the child to the paternal grandma, the court could take that into consideration when allocating visitation time. Also, if the grandma is an alcoholic and poses a danger to the child, if you ex does ask for visitation time you could ask the court to put restrictions on his visitation time so that he weren't allowed to take the child near the grandma.

You should consult with a family law attorney.

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