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Do grandparents have legal rights to have custody of my son? They forged my name they been filing behind my back illegal.

Vancouver, WA |

My parents and this attorney has been forgery my name and figured out how they been doing it it's called destruction they file improper papers and take out papers on each thing that has been filed by WA state law do grandparents have legal rights to have custody of my son? I need something to show to commissioner so he can see, I was told by two attorney's and a good friend of mine grandparents don't have rights to have custody I have custody of my younger son it's my older son they did this to me and I also looked up my civil rights and they been making false accusations abuse everything and telling lies in court.

My friend told me to look up this word and I did on internet and it is everything they are doing to me in court defamation and I printed out this info just to show the commissioner and I will be able to show him there are pages missing in each thing they have filed they have destroyed evidence and covered up their tracks and it took me long time to catch on how they been doing it and managed to figure out how. I even printed out destruction to submit to commissioner. My case worker helped me discover these custody papers once I get him back I will get them for kidnapping my son they didn't think I could handle my son because I had back problems I had to back fusions and it was wrong of them to take him out of my hands, I love my kids and I'm a good mom and I took good care of him medical wise. I need a print out of grandparents rights or not and I was told by two attorney's and my friend grandparents don't have rights to have custody and need some kind of print out please?

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  1. Grandparents can only get custody under RCW 26.10.032, the non-parental custody statute.
    See a decision this year by our state's Supreme Court at:
    There is a high Constitutional presumption in favor of biological parents' custody, as long as the parents are fit.
    There are a lot of good family law attorneys in Vancouver, such as Steve Bogdon:
    Good luck!
    PLEASE READ: I am not your attorney. No attorney-client relationship is created between you and me by you posting your question on AVVO and me answering it. My analysis is based on the limited facts available to me; you should get your own lawyer and take that lawyer's advice after he or she has all the facts.

  2. see also In re Custody of S.C.D.-L., a unanimous opinion of our State's Supreme Court, which was released today (Nov. 10, 2010)
    onine at

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