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Do fines for citations ever get reduced? What are my options here if I cant afford to pay?

Mckinney, TX |

I got a citation for expired inspection. It was 142 dollars. I couldn't afford the sticker. I then got the inspection but they wouldn't waive the citation because it was expired more than 60 days. They wouldn't give me a payment plan because I don't have 2 people that know me to use as references. I was 20 minutes late to court so they wouldn't let me in and I got an additional $50 charge for failure to appear. I tried to take care of it and the only option was pay all money up front. I make 600 a month after fuel expenses for full time hours throwing the newspaper and this fine is excessive. Now its gone to warrant and is 242 dollars and I have to go to court for eviction on july 2nd; will I be arrested? I would just turn myself in to sit it out but I cant afford to miss work.

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    Most courts will permit a payment plan. Additionally, you might be eligible to perform community service in lieu of the fine. While you might be arrested on the warrant, it is unlikely that you would be placed under arrest for a single class-C warrant for an expired inspection sticker. It might be helpful to consult with an attorney who is familiar with your court. In many cases, an attorney will know how to get you back on track.

    Nothing in this answer constitutes an agreement to represent you in any criminal case. Additionally, the information provided above does not constitute legal advice.

  2. You can request payment options from the court based on your financial circumstances. You cannot "sit out" a class C misdemeanor fine because it does not have jail time as a punishment. If the court won't give you payment options, you may want to contact a local traffic attorney that is familiar with the court and who might be able to help you achieve a better result.

    The information provided does not constitute legal advice and is presented without any representation or warranty whatsoever, including as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. Always contact an attorney when seeking legal advice.

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