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Do Expired Orders for Protection Show up in Background Checks for Employment?

Seattle, WA |

I had a frivolous order for protection filed against me in 2009. I fought it vigorously, but after many continuances the judgement was issued against me for six months. It expired in July of 2010. Now in 2011 I am about to switch jobs and have to go through a basic background check. I am college-educated and have no criminal background or history and don't want this ridiculous order for protection to haunt me in the future.

How long do these orders show up in your background? Do they show up if they are expired and past the term date?

Will they show up in basic background checks at all?

I'm not going to be working for the police or the government, strictly corporate.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You can check your own court cases through the Washington Courts website:

    Judges are not supposed to issue "rubber stamped" protection orders.

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