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Do employee's ever win discrimination cases?

North Las Vegas, NV |

My lawyer says I have a strong case. I truly believe I do as well. However, I don't read about to many victories for the employee. Seems as though the odds lie with the employer. Is this something I should even pursue?

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Yes. But they are tough cases. Government agencies like the EEOC dismiss 80-90 percent of the charges filed. Then if you exercise your right to sue, the judge will dismiss about 60% of those on summary judgment. My sucess rate is higher. I have settled many cases for six figures where a human rights department has said "no probable cause." I have beaten the employer's summary judgment motions, and won punitive damages motions many times. But it is a hard fight and you have to be in it for the long haul.


In our jurisdiction, it's even harder -- well over 90% of employment cases that are filed in Federal Court are thrown-out by one procedural move or another before a trial. So, whenever possible plaintiffs here try to file in State court using local human relations codes or state law.

... and yet, when the facts are there, I've had success over the years too!

Christopher Robert Walsh

Christopher Robert Walsh


Agreed, Mr. Holzman. Wall Street Journal cited a 2009 Harvard Public Policy study that 85% of job discrimination cases nationwide were unsuccessful. So we have higher success rates you and I, because we work harder and smarter than our adversaries. Good luck and keep up the fight!

Lawrence Roger Holzman

Lawrence Roger Holzman


Thanks Chris! Keep up the tough work yourself.

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