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Do Domestic violence protection orders stay on your record if you were a minor when you received them in NC?

Raleigh, NC |

I had a DVPO issued to me by an ex girlfriend when I was 17. Will it stay on my record? I checked my civil record and it had her fathers name on it, but it didn't say DVPO anywhere on it. Not sure what that means. Can I have it expunged?

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    You cannot have a civil file expunged, but Mr. Amos is correct, a DVPO is not a criminal matter so should not show up on a crimina search. Someone doing a civil search, however, will find that you had one taken out against you.

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  2. A DVPO is not a criminal charge, and thus will not appear on a criminal record. However, a DVPO violation may appear on a criminal record.

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  3. Both attorneys answers above are correct. As a civil matter this will not show up nor is it reported as a criminal offense. Its is possible you may have also been charged at the same time with assault on a female and this is a criminal charge which would appear on your record.