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Do attorneys have certain doctors they prefer to use because they have accounts with them and can pay them after the settlement?

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I was involved in a head on collision where the other drive crossed the center line of the roadway. I had Liability insurance but none for uninsured motoirist, nor do I have any personal health insurance

I also suffered spinal and neck injuries that are being taken care of by a chiropracter. The most damaging one (and the one that initiated this inquiry) is to my knee.It has a dislocated knee cap and torn cartledge, and is going to require surgery

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  1. You ask a very important question, but part of the premise is far-fetched. The idea that attorneys somehow "have accounts" with doctos is a foreign concept to me. Do personal injury attorneys "use" certain health care providers because those healt care providers are plaintiff friendly? Absolutely. Do plaintiff's attorneys use certain health care providers when their clients have no insurance because those providers will work on a lien (meaning they will treat the patient with a promise in writing that they will get paid later when the claim or lawsuit settles), absolutely.

    If you are in a lace where you don't insurance to cover your medical needs, contact an experienced local personal injury attorney who "works with liens" for health care.

    Those are important buzz words for you.

    Best of luck and heal quickly!!

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  2. You need to speak with a personal injury attorney who can discuss whether you have a claim and how best to go about getting proper medical treatment.

    The answer given is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

  3. Attorneys don't have accounts with certain doctors, but they can have working relationships with medical providers that treat on a lien basis. What that means is, such medical providers will treat the client/patient on agreement that they will be compensated out of the client/patient's personal injury recovery.

    I'm sorry to hear about your serious injuries.

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  4. Some doctors will treat patients on a "lien." This means that the doctor will treat you and perform surgery even if you can't afford to pay him right away. When you settle your case, you would be required to re-pay the doctor out of the settlement.

    There are also lending companies that will pay for the cost of your medical treatment and surgery. You would be required to pay them back out of any verdict or settlement. However, these can involve very high interest rates, so beware.

    A local personal injury attorney will know which doctors and lending companies work with people in situations like yours.