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Do all occupants of an apt need to be on the lease?

Kent, WA |

Moved into an apt. together w/friend who is on the lease and had full bkground ck. Mgr. did not request a bkground ck from me. On app, we listed "2" occupants. On lease, I am listed as "tenant". Now, mgr wants me to fill out full app. Am I obligated to do this?

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That's a tough one to answer without some additional facts. From the way you worded your question, it appears the landlord (or the manager as landlord's agent) had full knowledge that you were to be a tenant of the property. If you are an occupant who is authorized by the landlord-- and that can mean simply that they allowed you to move in under the terms of your friend's lease-- then you probably can't be required to fill out an application in order to maintain your tenancy. However, that answer can be completely upended if the initial application required the disclosure of your name and a background check or if a term of the lease itself requires that information. They key is how much information the landlord had at the time the lease was signed and you moved in. If you've effectively already entered a contractual relationship with the landlord through the lease, new terms and requirements can't be added later.

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