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DMV License suspension for felony hit and run?

Fremont, CA |

For a 1 year DMV license suspension resulting from a felony hit and run conviction, can there (1) be an early end to the DMV suspension based on good behavior and (2) will there be a further suspension if the driver gets a 12500 infraction while on the suspended license.

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Driving without a valid license (VC 12500) is not as serious as driving on a suspended license (VC 14601.1), which is always a misdemeanor, and can lead to mandatory jail time, arrest and impoundment of your vehicle, and points on your drivers record.

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DMV suspensions don't work like that. Suspensions aren't terminated early for good behavior. You must serve the full term. As for the 12500, that's a charge someone gets for not having a license at all, not for having a suspended license. If driver gets a 14601 violation during sentencing, yes, there could be an additional suspension which depends on the number of points the person has on DMV record.

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You should consult a local criminal attorney for a free consultation. Good luck.


I agree with the other lawyers but want to add that if convicted of driving on a suspended license due to suspension for dui you would face having to intall an IID and the court could order that for the term of probation. An expensive and embarrassing consequence.

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