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Divorcing, husband in house but he won't pay mortgages, my name is on loan, both names on deed, can he be made to make payments?

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My husband was responsible for making the 1st mortgage payment and I the 2nd one but since we are divorcing he stopped making payment and even though I am not living there I am having to make the mortgage payment and as a result cannot get a place of my own. I am had to move in with my best friend. I have no immedate family here so it has been quite a struggle. I have been married 25 years soon to be 26 in August but when your spouse tells you that he is tired of paying bills and he is sure you will find another man to take care of you, and he wants to do whatever he wants to do without feeling guilty you know it is time to move on. I have no problem with that if he would just take care of his obligation. I don't know how to get off from under this burden. Can anyone please help!!!!

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You can't force him to pay but the lenders can and you will need to get a family law attorney to sort out the situation between you two. But the lenders do not have to abide by the divorce decree that is between you two. Let him pay his own freight and move on.

Good Luck

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