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Divorce Now or Later? Work Now or Later?

Atlanta, GA |

I want to get a divorce because I suspect my husband of infidelity (along with some other reasons). My husband doesn't know yet. Would it be to my benefit to obtain the proof (ie. hire a PI) before letting him know and then proceed with the divorce afterwards? Does having this proof effect alimony payments and/or give the attorney certain leverage? Also, I am currently a homemaker, but will probably have to work after the divorce. Should I wait to get a job until after the divorce goes through or start finding a job now? How does this effect the alimony/child support amounts granted?

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Almost 100% of divorces in Georgia are no fault so proof of infidelity rarely matters.

Questions as to whether you should get a job now or later are complex and depend on a lot of information not in your post. Before you make missteps, see a lawyer first to discuss the details.

If you file a divorce without your spouse knowing you have created a contested as opposed to a possibly uncontested case, and will usually significantly increase the cost of the proceedings.

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