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Divorce issue with 2 years green card

Swarthmore, PA |

I married my current wife in in 2011 and she received her 2 years green card in April 2012, meaning her 10 years green card will be issue in April 2013. We have two kids. Now, she is trying to divorce me. What are my options please?
Is there any way I can information immigration about her intention so she can not be issue a green card based on me (our so-called marry)? What become of the kids? she is not work at all

Is it possible that I can write a detail letter to immigration explaining her behaviors and why she is leaving me? (i.e. she is leaving me because she wants to put me on child support and that she now feels that she can obtain a green card no matter what the case)?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. She can still get a permanent green card. Your bigger issues will be custody and support. You should see an attorney about these issues fairly soon.

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  2. Immigration is only concerned with the validity of the marriage. It looks like the marriage was valid since you had two kids.

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