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Divorce in Texas and Remarriage(without waiting for 30 days) in another state with no waiting period?

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I got divorced in Texas,and got remarried with my boyfriend without waiting for 30 days(waiting period for Texas divorce decree to be final).I did some research on Avvo and found out Texas divorce decree is not final before the waiting period of 30 days.While applying for the marriage license in Minnesota, we were asked about the divorce dates,and at that time I didn't know about this waiting period of 30 days for Texas divorce decre to be final

Now my concern is how my marriage in Minnesota would be considered legal and valid when my divorce decree was not even final before the waiting period of 30 days? Should we go for annulment and remarry again? Thanks....

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Hi! If no one appealed your divorce decree within 30 days from the date of the divorce, then your divorce is 'final" and can't be undone. Therefore, you are legally married in MN. I have people who leave the state to get married all the time, even before their Texas divorce is final. So long as the judge has announced that you are divorced and you married outside the State of Texas, you will have no problem! Congratulations on your remarriage!

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