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Divorce and Ohio Police and Fire Retirement

Columbus, OH |

My wife moved to another county for a better job. she then found a boyfriend and now filed for divorce. she says she now wants half of my retirement. I have about 10 years paied into it and she makes more money then me. How should I deal with this?

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  1. The courts strive to seperate assets in a equitable manner. Technically, your wife is entitled to a fair distribution of you pension (usually 50% of the funds put into the pension during the course of the marriage and any gains made from that money) Likewise, You are entitled to 50% of any retirement funds she saved in the course of the marriage.

    As far as "she is making more money than you do", you maybe entitled to spousal support. You may offset any amounts that you may owe her from items that she has that you would get a portion of.

    It is important for you to find an attorney that will fully evaluate the case. In the practice of law there is no really short answer, because we do not know the full facts of your case. Every fact, asset, income, debt has an affect on other areas of the divorce. Find an attorney that you feel comfortable with and explain your full situation and get advice that is specifically taylored to your situation.

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