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Divorce, I want a divorce. I cant get my wife out of the house..We fight constantly.She doesn't pay for any bills towards the

Jefferson, NY |

house I own. Just food. I bought that house with lawsuit money, that I earned by getting hit by a tow truck.My mom's name is on the house also, as a cosigner. we have been married 2 and 1/2 yrs.I told her, I don't love her, I asked her to leave so many times, she drinks 3-4 a week, I was wondering if I get papers served to her to get out of the house, will that work for me?? I told her I want a divorce several times, she just don't leave..I want to serve her divorce papers, and get her out, Please what else can I do,? I want her out.I am documenting all her drinking episodes.fights etc.I hired a lawyer to make up the papers for me, Is this going to work,?Is there anything else, I can do to make sure she gets out?

I didn't hire a lawyer ... I spoke to a lawyer,and they said, they will make up papers for me, but do you think these papers will do the trick to get her out?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You said in the last sentence that you hired a lawyer to make up the papers for you. So, your lawyer should answer all these questions. If you don't trust your lawyer to answer these questions, you may want to hire another more experienced lawyer who you can trust to answer all your questions about your divorce (those in your question and those that may come up in the future.

    Also licensed in New York and practicing in NYC and Long Island.

  2. Go to your lawyer and find out. Don't have us second guess your lawyer.

    Good luck.

  3. Ask your lawyer what to do.

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