Divorce: How do I best prepare for my initial meeting with divorce lawyer?

I want to get my ducks in a row, and be organized and prepare in order to save money and move quickly. What will my attorney need? (paystubs, budgets, etc...). Whatever I can do before, I want to. Thanks for taking time.

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Edmund Lee Montgomery

Edmund Lee Montgomery

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - San Bernardino, CA

You will need to create a list of all of the property, debts, bills, retirement, pension, stocks, and anything else to two of you acquired during the marriage. This will assist in dividing the property.
You will also need to get your last couple of year tax returns and any current pay stubs so financial orders can be made.
The general rule is to bring everything you can think of because Murphy's Law states that what you do not bring is what you need. A little over kill does not hurt anything.

Richard Eric Anthony Dwyer

Richard Eric Anthony Dwyer

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Mountain View, CA

An excellent way to prepare for your initial meeting is to fill out a Schedule of Assets and Debts. You can find the form here: http://courts.ca.gov/documents/fl142.pdf

You should also locate any premarital or postnuptial agreements and should bring them to the meeting.

Your new lawyer will be impressed by your level of organization. - http://richarddwyer.com, mountain view

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