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Division of property after a quick claim deed and prenupcials

Everett, WA |

I have been married for 3 years, and with in one moth of my wedding date i got proposed wit prenuptial papers drawn by my future husband, i asked to sing in front of a notary public with out counsel.
The prenuptial does not disclose details of property value and debt. Residential home was purchase with both names in the tittle husband & wife. Then a year latter the husband quick claim deed the interest of the home to her, as a gift, and now in the course of divorce he reclaims interest in the residential property claiming that it was purchase with his income and since he made more than her and he has invested in the home he now deserves and wants to fight to get equally division of property. What are the outcome of such fight? marriage and residency in WA state.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. I can absolutely guarantee you one thing: you will be at an enormous disadvantage if you do not hire an attorney. You are talking about significant assets here. You have a fighting chance to get the prenups thrown out but you need an attorney to help you with that. You can contact any of us here at AVVO by clicking on our profiles and emailing or calling us.

  2. There are several complex issues here and not enough information. You really need o hire an attorney.

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