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Disturbing the peace and contributing to the delinquency of juveniles.

Jasper, AL |
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Our small neighborhood is outside of city limits. A new family moved in this past summer. They played their music so loud sometimes til 4am that it vibrated my towels off of the towel rack (I live the closest to them). The music bothered folks 1/4 mile away. We all started calling the sherriff and they eventually started going over there to quiet them down but shortly later the music would start back up. After words between them and the neighborhood they stopped the disturbance. It has started again. I was woke up and kept up 3 times in the past 2 weeks. They will not pick up their phone when I call during that time. Our police force is small and they only go over their part-time when we call. This family never goes to work and they have top of the line possessions. They have a 17 year old son who has several friends of the same age who hang out over there....and the dad hangs out with them also. I don't ever see him with grown up people only with the kids. They will start riding 4 wheelers (4 of them) right up to my mobile home at 10pm with lights shining into my bedroom window and then they zoom off and repeat. These people are not a normal functioning family. During the summer the dad came into my yard and made threatening inuendos towards me that he hopes it wasn't me who called the police... the neighbor to my side witnessed it. I have recently taken on a second job and sleep is a precious commodity. This man is very cocky so conversation is not an option as we tried it during the summer. I would like some advice as to what steps can be taken to demand our peaceful neighborhood back and perhaps a case of contributing to the delinquency of juveniles looked into. Again, something is not right over there...nobody goes to work. They have 4 fine vehicles, John Deere equipment, 4 4-wheelers, just completely remodeled their house. The dad has a very foul mouth so loud that my side neighbors have had to take their small grandchildren into the house to avoid hearing such language. The dad and son have even been watched physically fighting in their front yard. The dad screams, yells and curses his son outside. Then afterwards their back to their loud partying and 4 wheeler riding. Your comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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Sounds like the neighbors from hell. Even though you are outside the city limits and the local police will not respond you should contact the Sheriff in your county and file a complaint. That office should be able to help you. I see you've called the sheriff before; if this hasn;t worked try getting a civil protective order limiting what these people can do. You should be able to get one from your county court. then whenever the sheriff is called show him the PO. That should work.

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