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Dissolvement of Marriage, is even a real term

Tacoma, WA |

My husband has filed what he calls a Disolvement of marriage. Is this even a even a real thing? Now he wants to place a no contact order on me. I've been told that with a legal separation and divorce (dissolution) that a mandatory 90 day restraining order is put in place. But with dissolvement that 90 day period doesn't happen and the Ex's may still live in the same home. Is this true or is my husband just taking me for a ride?

Please check spellin of County - you have a very rude woed in this doc!

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To initiate a divorce in Washington State, one files a Peition for dissolution of marriage. Once the opposing party is served, the parties must wait 91 days in order to finalize the dissolution of the marriage. In some counties, automatic temporary restraining orders are entered restraining the parties from changing insurance policies or spending unnecessary funds from joint accounts -- it varies from county to county. Pierce county does not have this "automatic" system in place. If a party wants restraining orders, that party must file a motion and follow the court rules as to procedure.

Please be aware that Lincoln Cunty allows parties to file Petitions form Dissolution by mail even if they do not live in Lincoln county -- this is popular for people who want to avoid court appearances and defray costs. If he has done this and seves you, you have a right to chnge venue to Pierce couty if you live in Tacoma. Please contact a local attornrey if this is the case.

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