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Disseminating or spinning information that was recieved via email to community.

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I sent an email to a police department and city... they recieved it. I sent information with only truthful information inside. Lately I have been getting middle fingers and angry looks directed towards me. In the email it contained information and proof of the event that occured. If a member of the public who found out about me VIA the police department, and it was later found that all of his information was spectulative, and spun by the department to make me look bad. Could I sue for libel? These fingers and looks and even more brutal things, are causing me immense emotional pain and suffering. I understand that a group email is not confidential, but if the department and CITY disseminates the information as false, what would be my legal options?

Also, what would happen if someone proceeded to assault me? Say the police department investigated and found that all of his information was incorrect, what would be my legal options? I have shared nothing but the truth...

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You have posted about this situation repeatedly over the past month or so, but the answer is the same each time. The police have no duty to hold confidential the fact or contents of your email. They are not liable for what any 3rd party does based on the disclosure of the fact or contents of your email. You keep looking for ways to ask the question so that the answer will come out differently, but in this circumstance the law is very clear and the police are not going to be on the hook because of your email.

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I'm sure you can't analyze art for shlt

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