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Dishonest lawyer

Fresno, CA |

The attorney assigned to my case has been lying to me several times. He has my Settlement and is making excuses as to why I haven't received it. Also the Fee Agreement states that I am to be notified of any charges or fees that exceed 100.00. Which I was never notified. I never met the actual attorney that owns the Law Firm. I was assigned someone else. Can I write a letter to the Actual Attorney and let him know what is going on? Also the person handling my case said some awful things in front of my 8 year old daughter about her father at a meeting awhile back. Can he get in trouble for this?

Attorney Answers 1

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    I am sorry to hear your relationship with your attorney has deteriorated. If you believe this relationship breakdown will prevent you from receiving good legal counsel, you should try to have a different attorney assigned to you, and if that is not possible, retain a replacement attorney at your own cost. It would be difficult to answer your questions without thoroughly reviewing the facts and circumstances of your case.