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Didn't show up to my probation meeting for reckless driving how long will jail sentence be for first time violations

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got stopped for steet racing and they dropped it to reckless driving gave me 6 months probation... I failed to appear at one of my meetings for probation .. what will the jail sentence be or what will any kind of punishment be for violations of first time

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Among other things, the judge could cut you a break and do what is called a revoke and restore, whereby you would just go back on probation. You could also be sentenced to jail time.


Depending on the judge and the prosecutor, the maximum penalty appears to be 180 days in county jail. I do not think that you would actually be sentenced to that maximum, but it is possible, particularly depending on why you missed the meeting in the first place. If the probation officer actually violated you for this, then you could hire an attorney to negotiate with the state to try and achieve an early resolution with favorable terms for you. If you do not immediately hire an attorney, show up at the first court date and see what the state or judge is offering as your punishment at that time, if it is anything but a reinstatement, you probably want to plea not guilty, then obtain the services of an attorney. In either event, I would continue to make your probation payments for cost of supervision and court costs and fines, as well as continue to go to any court ordered classes. Try to finish all of the conditions of probation before you go to court for the violation. Most attorneys including my firm offer free consultations for these matters. It wouldn't hurt you to speak to one.

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In addition to being a first time violator, IF missing the one meeting is the sole allegation, do not expect jail time. More probation time and/or additional conditions that need to be completed is more likely, but much depends on the probation officer, the prosecutor, the judge, and the defense attorney involved in the particular case.

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The only thing I would like to add is that if you are violated for not showing up then it is the court that will determine what the sentence will be...each Violation of probation is evaluated differently. If for example you have paid court costs and have done the community service hours but missed only one meeting with the probation officer then more than likely the court will put you back on probation, however, without knowing your case history and your terms and conditions of the probation and what you have completed and not completed ---it is a hard question to answer..


It's unlikely you would be sentenced to jail in Hillsborough County as long as you have a good explanation as to why you missed the meeting. You will likely be arrested on a VOP however so prepare for that. Work in getting all of your conditions done ASAP and you may be eligible to early terminate your probation.


Depending on how far along you are on probation and whether you've satisfied the remaining conditions, you may even be able to go in there and ask for a termination and just be done with it.

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