Did I break my lease?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Las Vegas, NV

On Sept 2012, I received a letter saying that my lease expires on Oct 2012 so I left at the end of October. A few months later, my landlord sent me a bill with all the repairs they made as well as a rental fee for the month of Nov because that was when the lease really ended. I just think it's unfair that because of a clerical error, I ended up suffering.

Also, my lease says that from Nov 2011-Nov 2012, I would need to pay a total of $9k. As of Oct 2012, I've paid about $10k. Do I have a chance to say that I could have left on Oct 2012 anyway and get the difference to pay for the fees?

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    Answered . We would need to read both the lease and the letter to offer a reliable opinion on this.

    Go to an attorney for a paid consultation, and bring the documents (free consultations are about hiring the attorney; they're not for giving advice).

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    Answered . Your worst case scenario: The termination notice simply advised you of your right to break the lease, and required you to provide notice to your landlord. In that case, you would be liable for November rent.

    Your best case scenario: The termination notice was notice that the landlord was terminating the lease. In that case, you would not be liable for November rent.

    Either way, we would need to see your lease and the notice to give a definitive answer.

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