Dick's Sporting Goods refuse to sell me crossbow lubrication unless I provide them my date of birth.

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I was shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods last week trying to find a crossbow case. Wasn't able to find a right one but decided to buy a tube of lubrication for crossbow rail (marketed as Non-Toxic). When checked out, they asked my birthday, I told them at the time.
However, when I got back to the car, and checked online, I wasn't able to find any regulations that requires merchants to verify a person's age before selling (in this case, the date of birth). Plus, the Mobil 1 grease gonna do the same job. I just don't see any reason they need to do this.
I believe this is an violation to my civil rights and right to privacy, or is it some kind of discrimination?
I would love to fight this war, but I would also like to know if it is the right one to choose. How much I'm looking to spend?

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    Answered . Looking to fight a war? If you have tens if thousands of dollars to blow you can probably find an attorney to takes some initial steps on your behalf, but you have no damages and ultimately no basis for a case on the slim facts you provided, so its a losing proposition from the sart. A winner only fir the lawyer who'd take your money.

    You would not be looking to pick a legal fight if you'd ever been through the process before. Recommend you don't go looking for trouble--a courtroom is a crap shoot, there are no sure things.

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    Answered . Generally a merchant has no obligation to sell to anyone, and they retain the right to refuse to sell. However, if you believe they were doing this in order to discriminate you based on your race, ethnicity, or sex, then you may have an outside case. Either way, the cost to front something like this would be very expensive.

    Taking some time to poke around your area to find an attorney who has specialized in consumer rights may lead to more, however.

    Matthew Johnson phone# 206.747.0313 is licensed in the State of Washington and performs bankruptcy, short sale... more
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    Answered . You have no monetary damages.
    You will be seeking an injunction.
    What you are describing is no violation of any law I know of.
    Plan on a minimum, minimum budget of $10,000.

    The above is general legal and business analysis. It is not "legal advice" but analysis, and different lawyers may... more
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    Answered . You should expect to spend several thousand dollars. You will likely not receive any monetary damages. Merchants are not obligated to sell things to people.

  5. Answered . Maybe they want to put you on their mailing list and send you a birthday card.

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