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Diagnosis overlooked, twice....can I do anything?

Olympia, WA |
Filed under: Medical malpractice

in june, and again in july, I was taken to er for severe abdominal pain and blood-loss. Er doctors were informed I have a shunt draining fluids from brain which has had drain blockage issues in the past (balooning in belly) and asked to check this. Discharged both times being told shunt was ok... Gi doctor dicovered in September that the 2nd scan (in july) stated the shunt was coiled in the abdominal area, and one lung is also partially collapsed. Upon review and collection of scan reports we have found that these issues were also reported in june yet not passed onto me nor my family dr in either case. Now, October, constant pain continues, neurosurgeon has been brought in due to... a coiled shunt. Been off work through all of this with constant pain while family dr guesses at cause?

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    Medical Malpractice law has become very specialized and localized. Talk to a WA malpractice lawyer right away.

  2. Medical Malpractice law has become very specialized and localized. YOU NEED TO SPEEK IMIDITLY WITH A WA LAWYER WHO SPESHISHILISES IN MEDICAL MALPRACTICE.

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