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Detective won't file charges without victim statement but avoids then intimidates the victim. Misconduct? (pt2?)

Dallas, TX |

When my landlord entered our apartment, by force, and shot my husband 6 times in our bedroom, I was a witness to the shooting and taken to police headquarters to make a statement. The detective who received my written statement gave me his business card and told me that my husband had to make his statement not later than 3 days after his release. We tried to schedule a statement while hospitalized but received no call back at all. 2 days after his release from hosp, we learned that the state denied our victims compensation due to "non-cooperation" with the police as reported by the detective. 2 weeks later the det called and intimidated him into not making a statement. Det told me he won't file agg assault without my husband's statement. Is this misconduct? (pt2)

Attorney Answers 1

  1. This sounds way off base. Contact his supervisor.