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Deportation, immigration question

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If an individual has an old deportation order out, and gets picked up, and can he or she bail out?

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It is possible. The person may be released under an order of supervision. A stay of removal may also be filed. That person or his/her family need to consult with an Immigration attorney ASAP, before ICE executed the deportation order and sends him/her to the country of origin.


Probably not ... usually immigration just 'reactivates' the old order.

If they get bail ... it will be very high ... they are an obvious flight risk.

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It will certainly help in seeking legal consultation in person. Can not tell for sure, whether this individual will get bail or not. His case would needs microscopic evaluation.

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Bail will probably not be available or will be very high due to the flight risk.


I agree with my colleagues.


Generally the person will be subject to 'reinstatement of removal' and will be removed rather quickly. There are a few avenues of relief but it is very fact sensitive and an experienced immigration attorney should be consulted.


It is certainly possible, but is very fact sensitive. You absolutely need an expert immigration lawyers asap who is experienced in deportation matters and who is respected by immigration officials locally. Please provide more facts. There are certain cases where detention is mandatory. There are usually humanitarian exceptions. So, if you tell us what city the person is jailed in, his age, length of time in U.S., relatives in U.S. and what he has been doing all these years to contribute to America.

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