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Dependent wife is abusive and lies that she is abused (verbally and physically).

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story in short: I know a guy who is an immigrant on a visa & wife is a dependent and his green card is in process. His wife is a barby doll, lazy and hardly does anything at home. She had minor health problems for few months when she first got married and came to USA, then she was pregnant and delivered a baby and her lazy behavior never stopped even after months after delivery. when he started correcting her she started crying and screaming saying he hit her which is not the case. she would demand ,fuss, cry and scream to buy her expensive jewelary and clothing until it is fulfilled. That guy continued coping with her, chores and taking care of the baby along with having a full-time job. Can you please advise how he gets a legal help? Thanks Much

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F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


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This is a tough one, as the case involved both the delicate issue of domestic violence and the very inflexible immigration system. I handle a great many of these cases and they are some of the most difficult we face since pretty much any domestic violence conviction will act as a permanent bar to naturalization.
Whatever happens, your friend needs professional assistance. The wrong statement, even a well intentioned one, can prevent him from getting the results he needs from the criminal end. And having to deal with a loose-cannon intimate partner makes it all the more difficult.
There are several fine practitioners in Atlanta that handle this type of case, and I advise you to speak to more than one of them, and soon. The longer this kind of issue goes unaddressed, more difficult the ramifications can be.
Good luck!

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