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Denied visitation due to schedule, what can I do?

Atlanta, GA |

Juvenile Court awarded visitation supervised and now the supervisor has denied me visitation due to her "need" to go on a vacation. What can I do?

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If the designated supervisor (assuming it's not the other parent) is a third-party, you may be able to agree on a reasonable substitute during that person's vacation, or try getting an agreement (preferably written for future purposes if necessary) to allow unsupervised visitation for the same period. Otherwise, you may have to find another way to engage in visitation (e.g., phone, email, Skype or similar webcam talking, instant messaging) during the interim.



It ended up being a two-time thing - once for vacation and once for a family visit. I will be seeking a modification in case this happens again. In fact, I think all visitations should include a contingency provision because the supervisor did end up letting me have unsupervised visitation for the second half of the first visit. Thanks for the tech hints - I may be demanding phone or IM time at my next Court date.


I agree with Daniel, you may want to get this modified to avoid any of this madness in the future. I wish you luck!

This response does not establish an Attorney-Client relationship. It is highly advised that if you wish to discuss this further that you inquire into hiring local counsel.



You just stumbled upon an excellent practice standard - I think all visitation schedules should include provisions in case the visitation cannot be made as originally planned.


It's not clear from your post whether this vacation is a one-time event. If it is, you may consider whether it's just not worth it to fight this. If this is a recurring event, then you have more reason to seek some modification.

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