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I am missing one federal tax year and two years of state tax . I did not have income in those years . So the tax return would have been zero . I was not also required to file tax both federal and state . I was only on student loans . I have my interview for citizenship in less than one week . What should I do ? Can I go to H & R block and file them ? if yes , how can I provide the transcripts for my interview next week ? I have transcripts of the years that I filed but I do not have the ones that I did not file . How long does it take to be processed to show as a transcript ? Can I go to the IRS local office and file my tax , pay all possible debt with one check and get a confirmation that USCIS accepts as transcripts ?

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

Citizenship interview is very important As a general rule, it is not a requirement to submit income tax returns. Yet, many officers require it more and more. I think, you should hire an attorney to accompany you to the interview and review your documentation prior to that.

Dean P Murray

Dean P Murray

Immigration Attorney - Hoboken, NJ

I would suggest that you consult and retain an immigration lawyer. Many people apply for naturalization and end up in Removal proceedings. Dealing with USCIS is too important to forego professional assistance and use yourself as the guinea pig. An imperfect application can have serious consequences for both the pending application and any future application.

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J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

What needs to be done depends on whether you were required to file or not.

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