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Deferred Speeding Ticket Washington State

Bothell, WA |

I received my first speeding ticket in 20 years and am going to court tomorrow to explain circumstances in hopes of getting it deferred. I did have an expired tabs ticket I went to court for as well 2 years ago that I paid, but it did increase my insurance rates significantly. Do you think this ticket will get deferred (for speeding)?

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The Bothell Municipal Court judge generally requires your recent driving record to be clear. However, I doubt a tabs violation will disqualify you from a deferred finding in that jurisdiction considering your otherwise clean driving history.

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Your ticket is probably settled by now, but for the benefit of other users to this site, I wanted to add the following comments and observations.

First, a tabs violation will probably not do anything to up your insurance rates. This is a non-moving violation so it may be better to get your tabs renewed and ask for mitigation of the fine. In many cases where the mistake was inadvertent and you acted fact to fix the problem, judges will substantially reduce the fine. Sometimes this is less expensive going this way than asking for a deferred findings.

Another thing to remember is that in this state you actually get two deferred findings you can use on traffic infractions every seven years. You get one for moving violations and one for non-moving violations.

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