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Deferred prosecution

Gainesville, FL |

i have completed the terms of my deferred prosecution and got all my receipts for charitable donations, however i did not present them 30 days before the given date, is it possible to present them when i go back to court on the given date or is this a serious violation that will result in worse consequences?

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  1. I hope so. I am not sure if you are going back to court bc you were kicked out of a deferred prosecution program. If you are you may be too late. Hire a local lawyer to assist you.

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  2. Mr. Umansky is right - that kind of technical slip up should not lead to revocation.

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  3. I agree with Bill Umansky, you should hire an attorney to sort this matter out before you go back to court. Some diversion programs will let you re-enter, others will not. Even if you're kicked out of the program, the prosecutor may recognize the fact that you've substantially complied with conditions, and simply drop the case. Its a tough call, I'd probably hire someone to sort it out.

    Good Luck,