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Deferred Adjudication and probation is over, now seeing "Order Dismissing Proceedings?"

Austin, TX |

I was on Deferred Adjudication for a Obstruction of a Highway Passage way and it was over on February 1st of this year. Now I see "Order Dismissing Proceedings." Does this mean it'll be off my record and erased? Can I get a house without coming up as a criminal, a job, or hmm?

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  1. The matter is probably not sealed and will probably still show up on a criminal history report. It should not show as a conviction. It may be possible to seal this matter, however I don't think that an Obstruction of a Highway charge is going to cause you any problems with getting a house or job. Good Luck.

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  2. It is not off your record, but it will show as a dismissal now. In two years youwill be able to have therecord sealed so that only the government can see it. Call your attorney back at that time and she can handle it for you.

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  3. If you successfully compelted the DADJ then you have no conviction on your record. Any form you fill out you can say you have no conviction and no criminal record. However, it will still pop up on your record as saying you were charged, given a DADJ, completed it and the case was dismissed. You need to consult with an attorney to help you out in getting the records sealed. That will officially remove it from your record.

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