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Defer Prosecution

Moses Lake, WA |

My Husband took a defer Prosecution in 05 He went to rehab completed a 2yr out pt and has no new charges not even a parking ticket but he has been unable to work due to a disability and we now raise our grandchild we are unable to pay the 2300 that is left owing Can they revoke it?? Is there a statue on things like this I don't think a person should be punished for being poor we barley get by But he has completed every thing else and Has been sober for 8yr now Any Ideas

Attorney Answers 3

  1. He will have to pay it. I have never heard of a Judge being able to waive the requirment of payment for the program/treatment.

  2. You appear to have asked this question twice. There are more answers here:

  3. I would suggest setting a hearing in front of a judge to explain the circumstances. If your husband can show what his financial circumstances are, and can show a good-faith effort to try to make payments, that will help. The judge may cut him some slack, but is not likely to waive the payments altogether.