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Defective product and personal injury question... windows in home defective... is manufacturer liable?

Woodbridge, NJ |

Last week I seriously injured my index finger while trying to open my bedroom window. While opening the window it somehow got loose from the tracks that run along the sides (frame) of the window, some component snapped and released with so much force that it sliced the side of my finger off. I went to the ER they considered giving me stitches, but went along with treating the injury and bandaging it. I was prescribed pain medication and antibiotics for possible infections.

I purchased my home 3 years ago and noticed that the previous homeowner had replaced many windows in the home. I do not know if it was professionally installed or a DIY project, but the windows themselves appeared to be of not so great quality.

I honestly believe the windows are defective rather than poorly installed

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At least speak with an attorney who practices in the area of personal injury--not sure if you have enough in damages to make a claim against the manufacturer--Good luck.

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I am sorry about your finger. And perhaps the windows are defectively designed or constructed…or just improperly installed by the previous owner. Regardless, to make a legal claim against the manufacturer or the previous owner somehow, substantial damages must exist as a result of the negligence. A cut finger which did not require stitches and likely will heal 100% will not do the trick.

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so far i will have scarring, so no, it is not as though I will ever have 100% recovery... but, thanks


I have some experience with the type of window you refer to. The component is plastic and it is attached to a spring. The component is supposed to slide up and down with the window. They stick sometimes. The manufacturer probably recommends the homeowner lubricate these components at least annually. Thankfully, it appears you have not suffered severe injuries. Painful, but not severe. You may certainly consult with a products liability attorney near you. Even if there is a defect, your claim may not be economically worth pursuing . Good luck to you.


I am truly sorry to hear about your injury. Based on your description of how the accident occurred, it is certainly probable that the windows were defective. It is also possible that the design of your window was flawed and the manufacturer could have easily come up with a safer version of the product. In addition, a simple warning might have decreased the chances of you getting hurt. However, there is no definite answer to your question until and unless an expert thoroughly examines the frame and renders his professional opinion. Products liability cases are costly to pursue and hard to prove. I suggest that you consult with an experienced personal injury/products liability attorney as soon as practically possible. And I hope you get better soon.

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Not enough information. Speak to a lawyer to discuss options. You need to know the installers, the window manufacturer and other information.

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Need more facts. Maker of the windows may be responsible for a design or manufacturing defect. Consult a products liability/consumer safety attorney. I know as I do this kind of work

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As others suggested, if you are seriously interested in learning your options, you should see a personal injury attorney in your area sooner than later. In regard to any type of personal injury claim there are time limitations as to when you can present claim. However, assuming you have a good recovery, your damages would most likely not justify the cost and risk associated with a product liability claim (if one exists)

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