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Defective Eviction/Response due tomorrow - Please help

Miami, FL |

I live in Miami, FL. My lease expired. My landlord doesn’t want to renew my lease Instead of providing me with a 20 day notice of non-renewal, she gave me a 3 day notice, making seem as if “I didn’t pay” and she already filed the eviction. On top of that, the 3 day notice and the eviction are defective because the dates do not even match the lease, they’re completely defective.

The response is due tomorrow by 4 pm and I don’t know what to do. I have nowhere to go with my son. We have no money and not even our family will help us.

I am a H.A.N.D.S. client. It stands for Housing Assistance Network of Dade County. It is not section 8, but it is a federal program. They provide housing assistance for people who are struggling. It was established to prevent homelessness. If my landlord would

have provided me with a 20 day notice of non-renewal lease, I could have used that time to find a place, but she didn’t. The reason why our landlord won’t renew my lease is because the first time she filed the eviction, it got dismissed due to defective notices, and also because she practiced an unlawful act. She performed a self-help eviction. As a matter of fact, the police were involved and they practiced police brutality. We had an attorney that took our case on a contingency basis and defended us over the telephone in court, in regards to the eviction. The reason why our attorney didn’t pursue a lawsuit against the county was because he lived in Orlando, FL and it would have required many hours of driving. I want to pursue the county, but not now, right now I want to move out in peace and find a home because I do not want to be homeless. What do I do? My telephone number is 786-387-7152 My email is

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  1. Unfortunately, you have limited options if you are unable to deposit the amount you think you owe into the court registry. You should contact Legal Services of Greater Miami.. They may be able to take your case and get you the time you need to relocate.

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