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Dcfs sent my kids with a relative, because they said they fear for the kids safety, how can i get them back?

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on saturday I had an incident with the father of my son, and I ended up calling the cops on him because he was being abusive, he uses drungs on and off, and I decided to kick him out, my kids were with his sister by then, well later on my doughter coached by my boyfriendss sister called the cops on me alledging she doesn't wanna be with me cause she is afraid my boyfriend might come back, I told her that he isn't but she and her little brother didn't want to stay, so I led them go with the sister cause I didn't want my kids to be taken by dcfs, and while they were gone with her I took care of all the legal stuff, I put an order of protection against him so he is not allow in the house or anywhere we are, but now I fear my sister in law is coaching them into staying with her.

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Your title says "DCFS SENT MY KIDS," but your question implies you did so on your own accord. If DCFS placed them with a relative, and YOU SIGNED A SAFETY PLAN, then your legal options have been obliterated.

DCFS has a reputation for bullying scared parents into signing stuff. Once signed, it's almost impossible to undo, and you must adhere to the terms of the safety plan, no matter how draconian they are.

Take your paperwork to a family law attorney in your area for specific guidance.

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your question is really confusing. did you put the kids with your sister or did dcfs? if you did go get them. if dcfs did and you signed the safety plan, then you have to work within the plan to get them back.

take all your papers to a lawyer to answer your questions.

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