Daughter Caught Shoplifting. Macy's. Civil Demand. Minor. PD.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Torrance, CA

My daughter was caught shoplifting at Macy's. Loss Prevention brought her back into their office. They took down her information and apparently the amount she tried to shoplift was over their maximum amount for 17 year olds. Because she surpassed the certain amount (appx. $500) they gave her a pink envelope labeled "Civil Demand" requiring her to pay $425 and she was also handcuffed and sent to the PD in Torrance, CA. She did not go to jail but had her info. taken down as well as fingerprints and picture. This is her absolute first and last time shoplifting and her previous record is clean.
However, we are in no means to financially be able to pay the "Civil Demand" or hire an attorney and we are worried about her permanent record. She has to go to court in a month but what happens next?

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    Answered . I would expect that both you and your daughter will eventually receive a demand. The advice / suggestion here is usually to ignore them.
    As for your daughter, she sould ask for n attorney as soon as she appears in court. The attorney should be told of the demand letter. It may or may not provide an avenue for a dismissal.

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    Answered . You need to hire a criminal defense attorney ASAP in your area to represent her. The CRIMINAL charge is separate and distinct from the CIVIL demand letter. Get counsel to advise you. If you cannot afford an attoney, ask that a Public Defender be appointed at the first court appearance. You need competent legal advice in this matter.

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  3. Answered . The civil and criminal matters are totally different. Civil demand letters do not have an automatic need to be paid. They would have to be followed by a civil lawsuit. The criminal matter is totally different, and as my colleagues say, your daughter needs to request an attorney if you cannot afford one.

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