Dallas, TX - Case not filed by original court date for month old DUI, is this a good sign?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Dallas, TX

Dallas, Tx - In mid-December I was arrested for DUI but refused the breathalyzer and field sobriety tests, the police ended up pulling blood (with a warrant) about five hours after I was arrested. Today was the day my original court date was scheduled, I asked my attorney if there was any update as to what was going on and he said "The case was not filed yet so there is nothing to tell."

If I was in fact legally intoxicated at the time of arrest it had to have been just barely. I realize this could just be due to delays in the lab, but could this also be a good sign that they might not be filling charges?

Is it typical for cases where blood has to be analyzed to have delayed fillings, is there a good chance they might not file at all or was I just pulling at hairs here?

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  1. Gene Raymond Beaty

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    Answered . No it doesn't mean anything. Even without a blood test, that original court date almost never has case filed yet. With blood test, it takes weeks, perhaps months, to get the results back, so plan on being patient. Just stay in touch with your attorney, but don't bug him.

  2. Macy Michelle Jaggers


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    Answered . It is WAY too early for it to be a sign of anything. Blood results take about three months to come back. Then the police agency has to file the case with the DA's office. Then it has to get a first setting with the Court. Sometimes this happens a little more quickly, sometimes it happens a lot more slowly. I know you automatically received a first setting date when you posted your bond. This is not a real court date. It's just a date that is automatically generated by the AIS system. If you hired an experienced DWI attorney, trust him. He's telling you the truth.

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  3. Martin Ben Zimmerman

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    Answered . Way to soon in the process. Blood testing results are taking on average. 3-4 months. Also you were arrested during the holidays. What do you think the front line clerks were doing during that time: A) Taking holiday leave or B) Working their fingers to the bone. If you chose B, you chose wrong. A court case is in most cases not considered old until more than 3 years have past. Listen to your attorney and keep your emotions in check. Not too high, Not too low.

    Good luck,
    Martin Zimmerman

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  4. Richard Timothy Jones

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    Answered . In Travis County it is taking at least 3 months to get blood test results back. A month is not long enough to determine anything. I recommend to my clients that they take the DWI education class and attend AA meetings while waiting on their blood results.
    Austin DWI Lawyer

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  5. Douglas Lowell Wilder


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    Answered . It is common for cases not to be filed by the original court date. The police department could be waiting for the blood results before filing the case with the DA's office, or the case could be at the DA's office and in the process of being formally filed. So do not read into anything about the case not being filed by the initial court setting.

    From time to time cases may never get filed, and part of that reason could be that the blood results were too far below a 0.08, indicating the person was not intoxicated. If the results of your blood test do come back under the legal limit, the time of the test and just how far under the legal limit your results are can determine if the case is actually filed or not.

    Hope this helps.

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