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Oh so my smart friend. Might just. Gotten himself some more time.he refused 150 days.mistermeador demostlc violence but he is also fighting. A felony d.v. charge also since he refused the150 the judge now say lets see what happens with the felony then he will add what he wants now! He said. My friend was wastein the court time and money .what has my friend gotten his self into now

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  1. Richard Lewis Grant

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    Answered . It appears your your friend has now allowed himself to now have to deal with a felony charge. This is very serious exposing him to state prision. He is looking at a Preliminary Hearing where the District Attorney will have to present evidence at this hearing to support the Felony Charge(s). If the DA cannot provide sufficent evidence to support a felony charge, then the judge could either Dismiss the charge or reduce it to a MIsdemeanor.

    Due to the seriousness of the criminal charge and possible state or county jail time, it is highly recommended that he hire an experienced criminal defense criminal defense attorney who also has an excellent working relationship with the District Attorneys and court personnel in the court his case is filed. Further, an expereinced criminal defense attorney in some instances can structure an arrangement with DA for a reduced Midsemeanor Charge. If he cannot afford an attorney, he needs to immediately request a public defender to represent and protect his freedom, legal rights, and arrange for the best possible resolution.

    Wishing your friend the very best.

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  2. David Jon Pullman

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    Answered . Your friend has to strategize with a lawyer. There's no way anyone on here can tell you much about your friend, because we don't know the facts of his case. This is a matter that your friend should discuss with his lawyer.

  3. Jacob D Zamora

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    Answered . Your questions is rather confusing. Your friend really does need to speak with his attorney and determine the best course of action regarding a resolution to the case. A DV case can have some collateral consequences.

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