Currently going to court for a DUI, just received a ticket for drinking in public park, will court find out? what will happen?

Asked over 2 years ago - Bellevue, WA

I am currently going to court for a dui charge, my next court date is a pretrial in a couple weeks and am hoping to have a deal worked out with the prosecuter by than. But i just recently received a ticket for drinking in a public park which i now found out is a misdemeanor and not just a ticket. My dui is through the county courthouse but my public drinking offense is through the city municipal court. What will happen? will this affect my dui? I dont really want to tell my dui lawyer about the new ticket because i dont want to be charged more money. Will the county courthouse where my dui is find out?

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    Answered . First, in all liklihood the court will know about your new alcohol related charge when you appear next at court. The prosecutor could request that your conditions of release be modified including requesting bail.
    It is in your best interest to notify your attorney immediately. They can then advise you of the best avenue to take before your next court date to lessen the impact this new charge will have. This will also allow your attorney to be better prepared to keep you from being taken into custody at your next hearing.
    Good luck.

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    Answered . The person who will be most affected is you. If you go to court and your attorney does not know about it, what can happen is if the prosecutor brings the new charge to the courts attention the court will consider if this violates the conditions of release that were set by the court and the Judge could revoke your bail if one was set and take you into custody or if you had not posted bail then the court has the option to take you into custody and setting a bail amount. Also if the court had order you to not drink alcohol that too is a violation of conditions of release that the court will want to address with you.

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    Answered . This may affect your DUI to include impacting the conditions set as part of conditions of release and possibly any conditions of sentence (should you get a resolution, as you suggest is a possibility) that are set by the court. The court has access to other courts' records. So presuming this "new" case is filed, the County will know about it. You definitely should tell your lawyer -- at this point, money should not be your main concern.

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    Answered . Your attorney absolutely needs to be informed of this new charge. How do you expect to get the help you need without your counsel being fully informed of your situation? More than likely the prosecution, judge and probation will know about the new charges - you don't want your attorney to be out of the loop. Your DUI attorney doesn't have to handle the new charge - you get to decide if you retain them to represent you on that charge.

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    Answered . You should tell your DUI lawyer about the ticket. He will know whether the court will find out and will be able to keep this from hurting you. You are probably out on bail. The new charge may be a violation of your bail.

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