CT1 1500 CT2 5000 S/A/FROM VICTIM , what does this mean ?

Asked over 1 year ago - Miami, FL

the charges are: battery and TAMPER/WIT/VIC/3D DEGREE FELONY. he has never been to jail before this is his first offense. is this something serious? will he be released? if so how long will it take ?

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  1. Jackson Keith Hilliard


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    Answered . Bond for Count One = $1,500, Bond for Count Two = $5,000, (S)tay (A)way From Victim.
    Yes. It's serious.If he posts bond, he will be released. Once he posts bond, it could take half a day to process him out. But he won't be released until he posts those bonds.

  2. Marci Dana Silver

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    Answered . Yes, those charges are serious. As a first offense, there are a lot of possible solutions to the case and handling it properly in the beginning is important. As far as release is concerned, generally on a first offense, persons are released on their own recognizance. Under these types of charges, it is possible the court could see a danger to the victim or the community and it takes a well prepared bond hearing to get the best possible outcome of release. You should hire a local attorney for him. Domestic violence is one of the most serious misdemeanor offenses and can affect several other aspects of his life in the future such as employment and licensing.

  3. Larry Thomas McMillan

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    Answered . Count 1 has a 1500 dollar bond, count 2 has a 5,000 dollar bond and stay away from the victim. Very serious charge. He is looking at jail if not prison time.

    He need an experienced criminal lawyer here in Miami.

    I practice in Miami and would be happy to talk to you about the case.

    Larry McMillan

  4. Eric Matthew Matheny

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    Answered . CT1 1500 means that his bond on Count 1, the battery, is $1,500. CT2 5000 means that his bond on Count 2, the tampering charge, is $5,000. S/A from Victim means stay-away from Victim.

    These are the standard bond amounts. You need to hire a bail bondsman, pay a fee (typically 10% of the bond amount), and the accused will be released.

    More importantly that securing a bond, you should address the charges as bonding out is only part of the process. He is still charged with a serious felony and misdemeanor.

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  5. Anthony Rubino

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    Answered . The other attorneys have adequately addressed that the person you are seeking advice for has a $6500 bond and must stay away from the victim.

    With that said, Battery and Witness Tampering are very serious charges that can alter the life of this person if they are not dealt with immediately and prudently. The last thing this person would want would be to become a convicted felon on a first time offense.

    I would strongly recommend that you recommend to your friend that he should interview and retain a skilled criminal defense attorney here in Miami. There may be many options to resolve this since he is a first time offender. It may also be possible to remove the stay away order if this is a domestic violence case and the alleged victim consents.

    My offices are located here in Miami and I regularly practice in the criminal courts here. Please feel free to pass my information along to your friend should he decide to move forward with an attorney to address these serious charges.

    See the links below for more information.

    Best of luck.

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  6. Yoel Molina

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    Answered . See a lawyer for a free consultation. If this is his first offense, he likely can find a resolution

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